Create your own levels

Did you ever want to create your own levels in a game? Here is your chance to help me out. I need to create 126 levels for the game “Help Harry”. While I was creating the first 20 levels, I came up with the idea that the community could help me create levels.

All you have to do is draw a level in your favorite image editing software and send it to me. You can also draw it on paper and take a picture of it or scan it. The following two images contain all possible block types and rules. There is also a short video where you can see all animals and blocks with their physical behavior.

I will add your level to the game if your level meets the requirements and there is not already a similar level. I will add a complete level list to the game credits. You can send me the name you want to be added to the list and your country. The country is optional but it would be nice to see where the level comes from. The credits will look something like this:

Levels created by:
Level 1-5, Skuami, Switzerland
Level 1-9, John Doe, USA
Level 2-10, Jean Dupont, France

Keep in mind that I can change your level idea if it doesn’t fit perfectly in the game. I will provide the best possible game and puzzle experience to the players.

Please send your finished level design, your name and your country to following email address:

Level requirements

  • Each level must have at least three animals
  • Each level must have at least one target (multiple animals can land on the same target and animals can also be stacked on each other on the top of a target)
  • It shouldn’t be too easy to solve the level (the harder the better a level 😉 )
  • The player must interact to solve a level (don’t use only static blocks)
  • All other requirements are described in the two following images
Win a promotion code
The first five people who send me a level (that meets the requirements and I will implement into the game) will receive a promotion code to download the game for free when it is available in the app store.

(Click on the image for full size)