It’s been a while…

… since my last post. I am currently on a very long vacation and I can hardly find time to develop Help Harry. But the good news are, that I finished all the coding and art work. All I need to do is creating the levels. The game comes with 90 levels with three different themes in the first version. So that means 30 levels for each theme. I call it level boxes.

The first level box is the “Farm” and all 30 levels are finished. I also created 20 levels for the 2nd box and 17 for the 3rd box. That means I still have to create 23 levels. It is a lot of work to create that many levels. Each level is designed to be easy to master with one or two stars, but it’s very tricky to earn three stars. And the levels should be also unique, it’s not a lot of fun to play a level 20 times with the same kind of puzzle.

I can not give a release date right now but I hope it will be soon.