Pixel Cow 2

I’m working on the sequel of Pixel Cow since a couple months or so. I’m using a new game engine for Pixel Cow. It took me quite a while to get into Unity3D but I make progress. 😉

The great thing about Unity is, that I am able to publish the game on several mobile platforms, such as iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. But my first goal is to release the game on iOS (iPhone and iPad).

So, what’s new in Pixel Cow 2? The most obvious change is the graphic style. It is still pixel art but on 3D models. So the game is going to be a fully three dimensional game but the game play will be pretty much the same. You can flick in any direction to control the cow to avoid obstacles and collect coins and fruits.

An other change in Pixel Cow 2 is that you can change the level after a specific time. Three levels are unlocked at the beginning and you have the possibility to unlock more levels with the coins you collect.

The game is still under development and it is far away to be an alpha version. 😉

For now I have two rendered images: