Back on track

Wow, the time flies. It is over four years since my last blog post and to be honest – it doesn’t feel like it was yeasterday I wrote my last entry.

So what have I done the past four years? Well, most of the time I was very busy with my job and in my spare time I startet working out like crazy. 🙂

This leads to the fact I didn’t spent a lot of time for game development. I wrote a couple concepts for games – both were a combination of match-3 puzzles an RPG. I even startet writing a prototype for one of the two games but I didn’t get any further than a prototype.

Last year I startet to rewrite Help Harry from scratch in Unity. To original Help Harry was written in Objective-C and I used a level editor I bought from a guy from the Apple app store. So I wrote the whole game in C# and I even built a Unity extension for my level editor.

For the upcoming year 2018 I made the resolution that I will create one game every month. Since my job does not require me to program anymore, I would like to keep up my programming skills with game development in my spare time.

These games will of course be more like prototypes than actual games and I will follow the typical game jam rules:

  • the game should be playable and in a stable state (means no crashes)
  • it follows a certain theme
  • all the content (code and art work) will be created by myself
  • I will also try to use different game mechanics from month to month

At the beginning of every month I will use following game jam theme creator to generate a random theme. Based on that theme I will create a game during the month.